Sunday, August 28, 2011

still a bee...

we have still been super busy! but life is good :)

Michael and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary a couple weeks ago- we are still newlyweds in my mind though :) I couldn't be happier than I am with Mikey- I love you soooo much!!!

Next weekend we get to be part of two of our best friends wedding- I can't wait! they are so perfect for each other and I'm so honored to be a part of their big day!!! Lets not forget I'm pretty excited about going to the beach with other great friends after the wedding!

The week after we have a family reunion and I actually really love family reunions so i'm super excited!

Then the following week we leave for our vaca! WHOOP!

Here's to work days passing quickly and work nights and weekend taking their time :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Busy as a....

busy busy busy bee. Ready for a nap and a weekend with NOTHING to do!

Don't get me wrong- we've been having an awesome summer. Trips to dallas and college station, weddings, wedding showers, baby showers. River trip and beach trips...all great things. Lots of amazing family and friends. But still....I'M EXHAUSTED! This past week has been even busier than normal and i'm realizing we won't have a free weekend until Aug 27. And that weekend will probably fill up soon.

missing summer break a ton right now!

Oh- got to see Britney Spears last week. It was AWESOME!

Friday, June 3, 2011

24= Over The Hill

So I turned 24 last month! And the day after I was struck with more medical issues than I've had my entire life combined (I may be exaggerating, but it was bad). So what exactly happened????? NOBODY KNOWS! I had one doctor tell me I was like an episode of house, another tell me I was 'special' and yet another tell me I was a medical puzzle.

Basically, I woke up at about 12:45 AM on Monday with bad chest pain. I was hoping I could sleep it off but after 30 minutes of tossing and turning and increased difficulty breathing I called Dr Mom (or Nurse Mom if you want to get technical) and she was like 'what are you doing- go to the hospital!'. So I woke up Sleeping Beauty and he drove me to the ER while I prayed that I was not having a heart attack. After an hour of waiting in the ER with a really unhelpful triage nurse, I parked myself at the sign in desk and refused to move until they took me back.

They finally took me back, checked my vitals (everything was normal), and gave me some morphine for the pain. They did an EKG which was also normal so I started feeling a little foolish- did I really imagine all this pain? Nope. After about 6 hours (in which my poor hubby did not sleep a wink) a cardiologist came by and let me know my troponin (cardiac enzyme) levels were high which is indicative of a heart attack but another enzyme that increases with heart attacks was not present at all (big cheer here). A few hours and another dose of morphine later I was admitted into the hospital and we both called our bosses to let them know we wouldn't be making it in to work that day.

I was in the hospital for a little under 2 days and in that time they took my blood and vitals every 4 hours and did an EKG every 6. They also did a CT scan of my chest and an echo cardiogram. I also got to experience the awesome effects of nitroglycerin (I hope no one EVER has to use this stuff. worst headache of my life) and eat some delicious hospital food (although my dear hubby did sneak me some chipotle).

Michael had to go back to work Tuesday since the president of his company was in town and Michael had a presentation for him but his mom came and stayed with me for a while until my mom was able to make it down (after 3 cancelled flights).

After all these (expensive) tests my team of doctors (internist and a couple cardiologists) could not totally determine what was wrong- so they used process of elimination and determined I had myocarditis. Myocarditis is basically inflammation of the middle layer of heart muscle, and when it gets inflamed, troponin is leaked and causes heart attack like symptoms. The only way to fully diagnose this though is with a biopsy of that particular layer of the heart. NO THANK YOU! So they put me on some meds (which didn't work) and then some different meds and all was good. Except.....

When they did the CT scan of my chest they saw a nodule on my thyroid. Not really a big deal (about 50% of people have them and don't even know it) but it was a pretty big one for someone my age. So I got to have a needle biopsy done on that- which was awful! They can't fully numb your throat and they stick a thousand (7) needles in your throat, wiggle them around to loosen up tissue, and then suck out some samples. But thank God, it was benign. So I think I'm done with docs for awhile. I got to have a ton of follow ups for the first couple weeks after everything went down and missed a ton of work, but since I don't work for satan anymore it wasn't a huge deal.

Overall it was a scary, expensive, and painful ordeal. The inside of my arms were bruised for a month from all the needles I had poking me.. But I am so thankful that it was nothing major and that I'm still kicking today. I don't know how I would have handled it without my husband and mom literally by my side and all my other friends and family by my mental side. love you all!!!!!

Oh yeah....I'm gonna run a marathon? Go ahead and laugh. I am.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I did it!!

A post before I hit the 6 month mark :) Unfortunatly I have nothing interesting to say. I feel like I ramble better in bullet points so here goes:

  • My new job is going well! And there are all sorts of restaurants and yummy eateries within walking distance. AKA ya'll should text me everyday and yell at me if I didnt bring my lunch. Otherwise I'm gonna be fat and BROKE.

  • Everyone I know seems to be having babies. I'm so excited for everyone but really? When did we get to be old enough for this? (and yes I realize its not everyone. but its a lot of people)

  • I'm about to turn 24. That means I only have 19 days left to get my belly button peirced. I feel like 24 year olds have to be mature so I need to get any 'rebellion' out of my system now. The next time you see me I'll look like Pink

  • I am so grateful that my husband has a good job. But selfishly I hate being a plant wife. He's been called in so much lately, had to work weekends, nights, 16 hour days. And he puts a smile on his face and says he does it for our family. And I love him so much for that. But I wish I could spend more time with him :(

  • Its getting warmer outside!!! I'm tired of the cold weather!! But I love Zach Browns song by that same name....I am ready to soak up some sunshine though!

  • We want to go skiing next year with all of our friends. So you should come! And then hopefully a cruise with our family? We need more vacation days.....

  • I have been searching for cute sandals after my dog ate my favorite pair last summer. It seems the 'Jenn' look is completely out.

  • We've been working out a lot lately! Hopefully we can keep it up and stay motivated and get back to our wedding weights. We've each put on our share of happy pounds :)

  • I need to get ready for bed.



Sunday, March 20, 2011

6 Months later...

Ok so I recognize that blogging every 6 months or so is not very do I know this? From blog stalking you of course! When I go to read your blog and you haven't updated in a couple weeks, I wonder if you know that you are a hindrance to my online entertainment.

Brief recap of the last 6 months:
  • 3 couples near and dear to our hearts have gotten engaged! Congratulations Amanda and Kenneth, Troy and Chelsea, and Madison and Billy! We are so excited for all of ya'll!
  • Michael and I went on a cruise! We went on the Carnival Conquest out of Galveston, just the 2 of us, and had an AMAZING week! That trip may get its own blog a little later.
  • Our second nephew arrived on November 22- Christopher is going to be so spoiled by his Aunt!
  • We celebrated Thanksgiving at Michael's grandparents house down in Clear Lake. I was able to bring/make 2 sidedishes! I feel like I'm slowly gaining respect as a 'wife' and being able to put my new domestic skills to use :)
  • More on being domestic...we had our first Christmas in our first home! We had family and friends over Christmas eve (homemade lasagna, Candle light church service, and games of course). Christmas day was spent with my parents and Michael's parents and little brother. We opened presents and ate A LOT. I didn't burn/ruin a single dish that weekend so I'd say it was pretty successful!
  • My sweet doggie Spot that I've had since I was 8 was put down. He was sick and it was definitely the right decision but it was so hard to say goodbye.
  • My beautiful cousin Melanie married the man of her dreams! Her wedding was perfect- the ceremony was filled with love and the reception with fun. People danced the whole night and the food was amazing- they had everything from sushi to cotton candy. I got to do a reading in the ceremony and I feel so honored to have been part of their special day.
  • That wedding was in New York sooooo we got to take a little vacay up there! Michael has never been and I had so much sharing one of my favorite places with him. (this trip may get its own blog as well).
  • Michael has been working like a maniac! I feel so bad for him when he gets called in a weekend or he works a 13 hour day but he is definitely WOWing the right people and I am so proud of him! I love that he works so hard to support our family.
  • I got a new job! I had about a month off from work and was able to devote my days to job hunting. I also did a lot of cleaning, working out, and cooking :) I think Michael liked having a stay-at-home wife more than he thought he would! So the time off was nice but I was still so excited to start my new job this past week. I am working for a healthcare staffing firm that specializes in therapists- PTs, OTs, and SLPs. I've always wanted to work in healthcare- but me and science are NOT friends- so this is perfect.

Obviously I didn't mention everything that has been going on, but I'd say those are the highlights! More to come later!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Welcome Fall! I love you summer, but sadly you are just not as fun and relaxing now that I'm a grown up. I'll never forget you and I already can't wait to see you next year! But for the time being, I am so excited about hanging out with autumn! Here are just a few of my favorite fall things:

  • mellow-creme pumpkins
  • aggie football
  • changing leaves
  • school supplies
  • scarves and sweaters (in stores...not on the body in texas!)
  • cooler weather
  • Christmas music (don't even try and tell me its too early)
  • Halloween candy, costumes, and decorations
  • pumpkin spice lattes
  • the return of my favorite tv shows (modern family, how i met your mother, parenthood)
  • my husbands birthday!!!

In other news I got a promotion at work this week :) I am officially a 'manager' and hope I do a good job! And Michael got nominated to go to this special lunch thing at work with some of the big wigs! Go Pookie!

We have a Cargill family reunion coming up in Saledo which means lots of food and fun and then a cruise shortly after! Can't wait!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Last Sunday was our one year anniversary :) I was going to do a big post with pictures and stories and tales of what we've learned our first year of marriage but basically I can say it all in 1 sentence-


Every day is an adventure and I have fallen more and more in love with this man each time I see him. I am so blessed to come home from work and see my best friend and have him hug me, kiss me, encourage me, and make me laugh. God made us for each other- I have no doubt in my mind about that. So we may not be perfect...but we are perfect for each other.

I am the luckiest girl in the world!